Migration and Breaking Changes

Many of the response objects have been cleaned up to be more REST-ful and eliminate duplicate or unnecessary fields. Please refer the API documentation and test playground for specific input parameters and response examples.

Here's a summary of some of the most important breaking changes.

  • SSL on requests is required: We are now requiring https for accessing the api2.bigoven.com host.
  • The API is now JSON only: Responses are only delivered in JSON, not JSON and XML.
  • You can pass api_key in the X-BigOven-API-Key header: It's optional, but you can now pass the API key via the header value of X-BigOven-API-Key instead of the URL as a parameter.
  • Swagger-based documentation We've got new Swagger-based documentation, so you can build easy proxy libraries for just about any language (Node.js, jQuery, Ruby, C#, etc.) via swagger-codegen or third-party swagger code generators
  • Photo URLs: We now have a nice photo service that renders the appropriate square size based on h and w parameters. More info here
  • API Key usage: To allow for easy migration, feel free to use your existing api_key on the new endpoint and the old endpoint simultaneously. But starting January 2017, once you use api2 at more than a few dozen requests per hour, you will only be allowed to use the api_key on the new api2 endpoint, not both without special permission from our support desk. Your console login on api.bigoven.com and api2.bigoven.com show the requests per hour for each of those endpoints.
  • Favorites and Try are now folders: Favorites, Try, Added -- these are all folders in the new API. We've removed separate endpoints for Favorites, Try. Instead, simply use one of the reserved system folder names "Try", "Added", or "Favorites".