Do you want to add great recipe content to your website, mobile/device application or home automation application?

The BigOven.com Recipe API provides third-party websites and products with access to 1,000,000+ recipes and their related data, as well as a grocery shopping list in the cloud. It's all delivered by an easy to use interface that takes only minutes to learn.

Swagger-based Documentation

Be sure to see the Swagger-based Documentation. Note that you can use swagger-codegen to generate proxy libraries in your language of choice, such as Node.js, jQuery, Ruby, C#/.NET, or more!


Search over 1,000,000+ recipes by ingredient, Title and more.

Display Recipes and Photos

Display recipes in detail, including photos and ratings, on your website or mobile application.

Recipe Reviews

Get recipe reviews, and detailed ingredient information.

Grocery Lists

Fetch and update grocery list information in the cloud.

Recipes How you Want Them

Support JSON format in an easy to use REST-based API.


BigOven.com is the first major cooking site that's opened up our content programmatically, and we've attempted to do so at very affordable prices.

In part, it's because we love software innovation and want to see it flourish in the consumer cooking space. There are a lot of great ideas out there for integrating Recipe and shopping list content, whether it's a new device or a mashup with mapping, social network or other API's. If you've got a complementary website (e.g., kitchen products, organic vegetables, etc.), or want to write an application for a new device (e.g., Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Tablet computers), the BigOven API is a great choice. We want to see the BigOven content distributed on multiple platforms and devices, we'd like more users, more content and exposure of the BigOven.com brand, and work with you as a development partner.

We still have a business to run, and we do not, support uses such as search engine or blog spamming, or creating directly competitive duplicates of our content or functionality, etc. Please respect this mutual arrangement, and please read through the BigOven API Terms of Use; violation of the terms of use could result in immediate termination and even injunctive measures. If in doubt, jot us a note at support at bigoven.com with a detailed outline of your intended use and we'll be happy to evaluate the request.